The Jewish community and persons of the Jewish faith have played significant roles in the Kansas City community for many generations. In individual contributions to business and culture, and collective contributions to welfare, education, and social concerns, the Jewish community has been innovative and inspiring. It is impossible to understand this city’s history, or the history of the nation, without understanding how Jews have interacted among themselves, and in the broader society.

The Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City is an organization composed of individuals and organizations in the Kansas City community who supports and cooperates archives, historical societies, libraries, and other organizations in collecting, preserving, and advocating for our rich Jewish Community history. In particular, JCA has partnered with the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-Kansas City (SHSMO-KC) in establishing a Jewish Community Archives. SHSMO-KC is tasked to collect and make available a range of stories that compose our region’s history. Without the Jewish materials SHSMO-KC has already gathered and the wealth of material we might collect in a Jewish Community Archives partnership, its collection would be incomplete at best. This special Jewish Community Archives emphasis in collecting and programming will gather primary documents and promote an understanding and appreciation of the Jews in the Kansas City region.

Of course not all family records come into an archives. The Jewish Community Archives encourages the best care of personal materials to ensure they are available to future generations through its publications and programs.

We welcome your participations, support, and questions.

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